Starting a New WordPress Blog With Digital Ocean


Starting a New WordPress Blog With Digital Ocean

I launched this today and I did it with a few hours worth of work. Some considerations:

  • I’m actually super into jekyll and static site generators in general. However, I’m going to be helping with a project soon that might use WordPress, and I’m also pretty interested in it in general. So, here we go!
  • I’m comfy using tutorials for command line stuff.
  • I knew that WordPress administration includes worrying about security, especially with hosting my own cloud server.

Hey, so, GOOD NEWS! Digital Ocean has a bunch of related tutorials for this stuff.

So here are the steps I took to get to the point where I was writing this.

  1. Get a new droplet at Digital Ocean. This was easy because back in the day I used to run Hard Like Algebra, using ghost, on a droplet. So hey, log in, pick the one-click install, woot! I picked the cheapest one because I don’t anticipate having a ton of traffic right now, and I really see this as just giving it all a shot.
  2. I followed the instructions to set it all up.
  3. I then made sure to do all the security stuff that they recommended.
  4. And now I’m writing.

The thing is, something like this isn’t super tough if you’re willing to just go for it. I’m currently doing the simple programmer free email course on starting a blog, and I knew pretty early on that I didn’t want to use Bluehost because I didn’t want to commit to paying for a year upfront. Instead, here I am now, writing on my new cloud hosted blog. I even enabled https for the first time! Not too shabby.

Let me know if you have any issues with all of this, and happy blogging!

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